Our Achievements

Director of Komplete Accounting Group Nominated and Won NSW IPA Member of the Year for 2016.

Komplete Accounting Group was successful in engaging a new company. This company had been trading for many years quite profitably and was looking for a new Accountant as the previous Accountant was not providing the level of service that they required along with the foresight for the future as the owners of this company were hoping to sell the company in the upcoming year or two.

KAG obtained the prior year financials and begun undergoing a due diligence analysis and notice that the company had paid approx. $185,000 in company tax, yet this amount was not recorded on the balance sheet as an Asset.

The team at Komplete Accounting Group quickly rectified this within their first year of engagement, worked with the business and the directors to improve their systems and efficiencies to ensure the business was in a good position for market.

The end result was that the company was sold for $2,500,000

Komplete Accounting Group took on a new sole trader, noticed that the ATO had charged many line items of interest & penalties. We asked the client if the previous Accountant and tried to get these remitted we were told “No, he didn’t try or care”

KAG tallied the total amount to be worth $18,316.79 and wrote a letter to the Commissioner of the ATO requesting for these amounts to be remitted to the Taxpayer.

We were successful in the request resulting a REFUND OF $18,316.79 to our Client.

Komplete Accounting Group was engaged by a long standing local business that was initially using a north shore charted firm that was extremely expensive, so switched to a cheaper provider for the 2015 Financial Year.

When KAG begun looking through books, the staff noticed that the retained earning account and the losses on the company tax return did not match up. So requested the company for all the prior year financials.

It turned out that this cheaper provider overlooked one box within the financials and company tax return which in turn lost the company carried forward losses of almost $30,000.

Due to our exploration, analysis & determination we rectified this error which means the following year turnover up to this amount was tax free.

In dollar terms this was worth $8,550 to the Taxpayer.

Komplete Accounting Group Pty Ltd has received a nomination in the Finance Awards 2017, hosted by Wealth & Finance.

A Young Tradie thought it would be a good idea to branch out on his own for a bit. The business didn’t perform as well as he would have liked and decided to take an extended break overseas.

Upon his return he landed himself in hot water with the ATO as he obtained Fines totalling $7,950 for failing to lodge his Activity Statements and Not Updating his Business Ventures.

The ATO also charged a considerable amount of interest.

Client Engaged Komplete Accounting Group as his previous accountant left him high and dry. We worked with him and liaised with the ATO over several weeks in requesting these charges be remitted.

End result we achieve remission of fines and penalties totalling $8,500 and obtained Tax Refund to our client of $3750 after Outstanding Tax Debts.

Testimonials from our clients

My wife and I cannot recommend Komplete Accounting Group enough.

They are full of knowledge, tips and great advice. We are now in a position to get ourselves out of debt and start living life while we save.

Thank you so much Kurtis and the rest of the Komplete Accounting Group Team.

Kurtis & his Team came across extremely well. Very professional and responsive. Highly Recommended.

“We were so impressed by how efficient, professional and thorough Kurtis was with our tax return. He ensured that we were able to get maximum return for our situation and ensured that everything was taken into account. Kurtis’ holistic approach strategically considered our longer term goals and objectives when providing advice.

Thank you again Kurtis for everything, we would recommend you to everyone we know.”

We have known Kurtis Alaeddin for several years now & been using his strategies & advice since our first property purchase in November 2012.

We find Kurtis to be extremely professional but also very approachable. Kurtis makes himself available to answer any questions asked of him & always makes sure we understand fully any advice he is offering us before we act on it.

Since working with Kurtis we have purchased 3 x properties & are in the process of acquiring our 4th investment. After this purchase we will be controlling over $1.85 million in assets.

Some people would call me thrifty & I do like a bargain, but having a plan in place & sticking to it whilst following Kurtis’s advice has still allowed us to LIVE life. In the past 2 years we have managed to up-grade 2 x cars, we have spent approx. 30k on renovations & have been on 4 x overseas trips.

Needless to say we are extremely happy with the service Kurtis provides & we will continue using Komplete Accounting for all our Financial & Tax needs in the future.